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Positive Client Reviews for auto service in Dwight, IL



"Absolutely amazing service. On a 12 hour road trip, fuel pump died half way through - and right before their closing time (literally 15 minutes before) and they stayed the extra hour plus to save me the cost of a hotel and get me on the road to my family sooner. Seriously automotive heroes. I'm elated. They were funny and kind, a couple of hard working good dudes."
- Philip T.
"I had my car battery die in Dwight last Friday evening - totally dead and unjumpable. I managed to buy a replacement battery from the NAPA across the street but needed it installed. I walked across the street at 5:15pm after the shop was closed.
The two gentlemen closing up the shop opened the doors for me and tried to call the regular mechanic (who had left for the day) back to help me out. After not being able to get ahold of him, they helped me push my car across the street into the garage and changed out my battery at no charge.
These guys saved my ass that night. I had my 5 year old daughter with me and live 55 miles away. Without their help I would have had to have car towed and either found a way home or shelled out for a hotel that night (again, with a 5 year old little girl). Thank you much Sennott Brothers Auto! "
- Patrick C.
"We were in a bind and were in desperate need of an extensive repair quickly. Owner was awesome. He played phone tag between me and my husband so we were all informed due to our non cohesive work schedules. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. He stayed and fully explained everything our vehicle needed to my husband after closing on a Saturday! Then when we were quoted a price for repairs, once it was done, the total came in way under the price we were quoted. All of our future vehicle issues and maintenance will be done by Sennott Brothers. Customer for life. You guys make one hell of a first impression!"
- Charrissa H.
"Stephen Sennott has repeatedly saved my butt on several occasions, has always able to help find the best and least costly repairs. Had my truck in there a week ago pointed out my gas tank was about to fall off and fixed that on the spot along with the repairs it was in the shop for. I trust his work and will always bring my car and truck needs to him. Stephen is the man!"
- Aric S.
"We were on a road trip and our car started making a funny noise..we still had several hours ahead of us so thought it would be a good idea to get it checked out. We were in the Dwight area and all the shops we stopped at had already shut down. Just as we were about to give up, we happened to come across Sennott Brothers' shop...the sign said "CLOSED" but the garage door was half open do I decided to give it a shot. The young man asked me to wait a few. He went above and beyond...took my car for a test drive and figured out the problem right away (loose lug nuts)...you just don't get instant and knowledgeable service like that anymore. He knew his stuff (I know cause my husband does a lot of mechanic work too). I would definitely take my vehicle to him again! Thanks for your help, you literally were a lifesaver!"
- Irma J.
"Steph saved may a** today. My radiator blew and he was able to get a use one in and get me on my way before the storm hit. Steph hit me up for Bulls tix if ur ever I town. You have my info.... Steve Jackson The price was good, took care of me well."
- Steve J.
"A few weeks ago, our bike trailer broke down and fortunately for us, it happened close to the Sennott Brothers Auto. Even though it was late on a Saturday afternoon, Stephen went out of his way to help us fix the trailer so we could make it back to northern Illinois. I highly recommend these guys! Thanks again Stephen for all your help! "
- Kitty McLeod Von B.
"Best place in town!! Check them out! They even build their own cars, that's pretty amazing! && that still doesn't do them justice! They are just that great!"
- Haley D.
"There my nephews, but these guys have been thrashing on cars for many years. And have come along nicely and have learned a lot over the years. If you need your car or truck worked on, give them a try! You won't be disappointed :)"
- Thomas S.
"These guys did an excellent job swapping the engine in my son's Ford pick-up. Not too many shops can still do this type of work."
- Mark S.
"I wouldn't let anyone else touch my vehicles. They are the only reason I have had the same car for over 12 years!"
- Shain S.
"Excellent work!!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!"
- Brenda F.
"He's quick he's efficient"
- Beth L. M.